What is Portland Greenwalks?

Are you interested in Portland’s cutting-edge cannabis scene? Join us for an expertly guided educational walking tour through Portland’s well-known Old Port!

Visit several local Adult-Use Recreational Cannabis stores, all with their own diverse themes and highly sought-after local products.

What separates Green Walks from other Cannabis tours? Our unique tours are upbeat, informative, and led by INSIDERS who work actively in dispensaries. You’ll learn about:
  • insider knowledge
  • newest, cutting edge products
  • how cannabis works in the body
  • cannabis uses for SLEEP, ANXIETY, ENERGY, WEIGHT MGMT, and so much more

The tour will start and end at Portland Greenhouse, One Spring Street. Led by Cannabis educators and expert budtenders, have all of your questions answered (and then some!) as you take a tour of the many shops in the close vicinity of the Old Port. Be prepared to walk 1.5 miles and stand on your feet, while enjoying expert local knowledge. Whether a connoisseur or a newcomer to Cannabis, discover why Maine is on the map when it comes to Cannabis.

Tours limited to 10 people

$42 regular
$35 senior/military discount

Join our Greenwalks to see why Portland, Maine is on the map for healthy living! Email info@portlandgreenhouse.com or call (207) 805-1083 for more info.

1 Spring Street
Portland, ME 04101
Monday-Saturday: 11AM-8PM
Sunday: 11AM-4PM